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{Karakura Town: Abandoned hospital, Seiga hideout}

Kuro stared down into the hospital's basement hallway; not knowing what the shadows had instore for3 him. “Whoever is down here...i can sense you, there is no point in hiding!” Kuro called down...his voice echoing all the while down the dark corridor. Kuro patiently waited, his thoughts coming to a simmer. Just as Kuro was about to step forward and make his way down to seemingly endless hallway, an orange glow outlined a rectangle.

(Someone turned on a light. Time to guess what's behind door number one) Kuro said in thought, dashing down the dark hallway; while the door drew close. With only a couple of steps before reaching the door, with no hesitation, Kuro bashed his right shoulder into the door and allowed his right hand to fall down to his zanpakuto and unsheath it.  Kuro broke the door off of it's top hinge and found himself digging his heels into a stone floor, immediately looking around his surroundings. Kuro was now in a small room that had a wooden table infront of Kuro, further back from this table were 2 barred cells...Kuro's eyes darted all about the room in anticipation of an enemy, and yet no one was in this room except for Kuro.  Kuro took notice to the barred cell on the right, 5 candles that were tightly melted together and staggered in height...all 5 candles lit to illuminate the room.

Kuro slowly lowered his zanpakuto and allowed the tip of his blade to gently weigh onto the floor. Smirking, Kuro closed his eyes and began to pin point the source of energy that stacked in the room. ``I don`t know exactly how you are hiding in this room. I can assure you, if you come out right now I promise to give you a fighting chance`` Kuro brought his zanpakuto up off the ground and pointed it with his eyes closed. Kuro opened his eyes and followed his sword that was pointing to the jail cell on the right.  ``it looks like you left your candles burning`` Kuro continued to poke at whoever was hiding in this room...specifically within that jail cell.

``You can`t see me, I wish that you could`` a voice spoke out from the right jail cell.

Kuro`s eyes looked wildly about the cell trying to pin point where the voice was speaking from...the voice sounded raspy and weak. Kuro`s eyes widened, it came to him...the man he was sent here to look for. ``You must be Enzei... the original wielder of the-``

``See no evil...Fullbring`` Enzei cut off Kuro`s sentence. ``And for y-you to be h-here.... What kind of trouble has Yuki gotten h-himself into`` Enzei began speaking, taking deep breathes.  

Time passed, Kuro pacing about the room explaining to Enzei all about Yuki releasing Korren from his slumber; to how Korren and Yuki are attacking the Soul Society and are hidden within Yuki`s Fullbring.  

`` have y-you fallen so far from your f-former self``` Enzei`s voice softly spoke out in a dim concerning tone. Kuro stepped forward to the jail cell and grabbed the middle bar with his left hand. ``Please Enzei, we need to know how to stop his fullbring before more of my people are killed!`` Kuro started to get overwhelmed with the thought of time dwindling down had come back to him.

Suddenly Kuro felt a hand grip onto his own hand, yet Enzei remained invisible.  ``As you can s-see...or can`t rather... I am a p-prisoner of Yuki. I am kept within the void of `See No Evil` so that Yuki never has the loss of his Fullbring. Yuki is no longer the distraught, emotionless child I once knew... I gave him the gift of sight and even now without my eyes... I see that all he wants to set his eyes upon is power... horrible power``.

Kuro narrowed his eyes and nodded his head for Enzei to continue speaking.  ``Enzei, tell me what is needed!`` Kuro replied yearning to hear how to stop Yuki... Suddenly Kuro felt his right hand that heald onto his zanpakuto be grabbed by Enzei`s free hand.  In a quick abrupt movement Kuro felt his arm being tugged. Enzei plunged Kuro`s zanpakuto into his own chest. All that Kuro could see was blood begin to pour out from thin air and drip onto the jail cell floor. Kuro`s eyes widened in shock.

``Nghh... Are you f-familiar *Cough* with how...a Fullbringer`s abilities ever cease?”  Enzei spoke, Kuro could only see his zanpakuto blade stained in blood. Just as Kuro was about to answer a man began to fade in from thin air, Kuro's zanpakuto impaling this man.

Enzei stepped away from Kuro and began to stagger back into the wall of of his cell; all the while holding his chest stained in blood.  Enzei wore loose white pants and what was once a loose white shirt; now stained red.  Enzei had bandages which covered his eyes and heald his long and coarse red hair. Enzei took his hands off of his chest to allow his wound air, brushing his hands through his long red beard.  

“E-Enzei...was there really no other way?” Kuro asked with a taste of dissapointment in his mouth.

“Y-you see me now...good. Y-Yuki's Fullbring, my Fullbring is always linked to myself...the original. N-now *cough* that I'm leaving life behind 'See No Evil' will come with me” Enzei spoke to Kuro, reassuring him that the Yuki's Fullbring was going to be gone. Kuro's arms dropped to his sides and he closed his eyes. “Aye aye aye, you were a prisoner of your own abilities, Enzai...I should be glad but. I can't” Kuro opened his eyes and saw Enzai's blank stare and motionless body. Kuro knew that look all too well; as of late.

“Thank you for your will not be in vain” Kuro sheathed his zanpakuto and politely bowed to Enzei's lifeless body.

{Soul Society: destroyed arena}

Blaze stood alert and alongside his close friends, half of the people who were on the battlefield began to pick up corpses, half of the time trying to distinguish which bodies were critically injured and which were actually lost in fighting.

Blaze's eyebrow twitched when a familiar spiritual energy began to pulse.

“Yuki, what the fuck is going on?!” The Doctor began to yell, adrenaline coursing through his veins.

Yuki's eyes no longer flourished with green and black, but rather a foggy white colour. “I-I can't see! No, M-MY EYES!” Yuki began to whip his head around, attempting to see anything infront of him. (Old man did you do this? What ability is this?) Yuki began to fall to his knees and physically shake.

The Doctor watched as head after head turned to their direction. “I'm done with  this Yuki, good luck!”

“The both of you are going nowhere” Mathew flash stepped to be behind both Seiga members, each one of his hands gripping onto Yuki and the doctor. The Doctor fell onto his knees, not to follow suit with Yuki or the fact that Mathew's bone crushing grip was immobilizing him;

(This man...this heavy spirit The Doctor grimaced and looked over to Yuki... Blind and now mute; only due to his utter shock at loosing his sight.

“You've caused us a lot of trouble” Mathew continued. Quick footsteps slapping against the pools of blood all over the battlefield grew louder as they grew closer.  Mathew slowly lifted his gaze from looking down on Yuki and the Doctor to see Blaze running in his direction. Blaze stared towards the ground, his  messy hair shielding his view while his body pushed forward faster and faster, with his zanpakuto flailing loosely in his right hand, trailing behind him. Mathew raised his eyebrow, questioning why Blaze was so agressively charging towards him.

Kibo who watched curiously soon narrowed his eyes in a mixture of worriness and anger, grunting through his teeth. ( This night has been too overwhelming, try to contain yourself Blaze!).

“Blaze Kagayaku, I've got these should take time to recuperate” Mathew suggested confidently, seeing what Blaze was trying to he might react. At that moment, Blaze jumped into the air and moved in a blurring speed towards Mathew and the Seiga members. Blaze raised his zanpakuto overhead and gripped it's hilt with both hands.

Most people would have been shocked at Blaze's actions as of right now...most remained curious and calm however, reasoning why Blaze would have every right to attack the Doctor and Yuki Takeshi.

“Blaze, understand that we need these two alive...questioning them will be very important” Mathew calmly continued to talk to Blaze Kagayaku. As Blaze was entering his descent, Mathew caught a glimpse of Blaze's face. Blaze's mouth was ever so slightly open, his face blank as if he were lost in a trance. The most noticeable feature that Mathew could make out was Blaze's eyes...pitch black.

(Amadalia had told me all about you Blaze...that night when you stopped Guily Kasashi and your father... Is this side of you that I should fear? ) Mathew thought to himself. “Every cell in my body wants to take you on...right here, right now” Mathew spoke softly under his breathe so no one would hear this. “Someday I'll get to satisfy my curiosity...but for now, I have a task”. Mathew forcefully turned his back to Blaze and began dragging Yuki and the Doctor away from the battlefield to where they would be detained.  Blaze struck the ground forcefully and his sword made contact with the ground just at the ankles of Mathew. Rocks and debris blasted apart to show Blaze's zanpakuto stuck into the ground and Amadalia's foot applying pressure onto the blade, so it remained stuck in the ground...her sword gently resting against the skin of Blaze's neck.  “Hey, this isn't you...time to snap back to us” Amadalia spoke in a demanding tone, she first hand seeing Blaze in his black flame state...determined to not see it again.

Blaze looked up to amadalia and his Black in his eyes dispersed in spots that began to shrink into submission. “I-I just couldn't stop feeling so angry... I'm alright to go now” Blaze spoke in a softer and clearly embaressed tone, looking away from Amadalia and Mathew direction. Amadalia nodded and removed her foot and sword from detaining Blaze, offering him a hand back up to his feet. Amadalia had just removed her foot and sword when she heard Blaze whisper something that sent a chill down even her spine;

“All this blood is on Blaze's hands” Blaze began to speak in third person and in a deep voice.

At that moment Amadalia noticed the spots of black began to expand in Blaze's eyes once more.  “Blaze you're loosing your self control...are you going to lose your bet?” Blaze began to speak to himself once more in third person, this time the black spots in his eyes fading once more.

Amadalia watched on the ground, Blaze's body shaking... not knowing just exactly was going on at this point.  No one could they know of the internal conflict occuring within Blaze.  Kibo had made his way to Blaze at this point and knelt down to his side.  “He keeps talking about himself” Amadalia informed Kibo.

Back and fourth the spots in Blaze's eyes grew and shrank in size, Blaze fighting himself...his inner demons...losing the battle.  

“Everyone help with medical attention and get back to your barracks until further notice!” Head Captain Yamamoto exclaimed to everyone.  Yamamoto made his way over to Blaze, others following suit. Ichiro, Yamamoto, Amadalia, Kibo and even Mathew made his way back as he handed off Yuki Takeshi to another Soul Reaper...yet Mathew brought back the Seiga member known as The Doctor.

Blaze looked up to the Doctor and his eyes completely grew Black.

“Why would you bring him here?!” Kibo barked towards Mathew, assuming Mathew had a lapse of mental judgment.

Blaze jumped off the ground and though his body lunged forward; Ichiro and Amadalia healed tightlly onto Blaze's arms...his veins and muscles tightening and pulsing, his saliva practically dripping from his mouth. “We're losing him!” Ichiro yelled.

“No you aren't losing Blaze Kagayaku” The Doctor began speaking.  

“This Soul Reaper who infiltrated us has begun a bargain...key details can be explained later but he knows what is going on with Blaze right now” Mathew told the group why the Doctor was still not taken away into custody. “As long as my head is on my shouldes...i'd like to keep it that way.” The doctor then instructed Mathew to draw out the Doctor's zanpakuto and place it on the ground...touching Blaze's zanpakuto that also rested on the ground. After doing so, the Doctor began to shut his eyes.

Face to face with the enemy. “It's my zanpakuto...the's special ability allows me to wander into the spirit realm of zanpakuto's...and what I see is not Blaze Kagayaku but rather Kewashii Furea..I see life, death and a bet that's been placed”.

“What bet?” Kibo curiously asked.

The Doctor's face began to contort as if he was in pain.  “Wait...what?...Kewashii is trying to tell me something...I-i can't make out his voice, his bandages are making his voice muffled....everything, even the ground is set on fire...a black fire”. The doctor began to tilt his head upwards and it looked as if he was looking up to soemthing in the sky.  “there is a feint flicker of blue flames up overhead of Kewashii Furea.... Kewashii is telling me that Blaze isn't losing himself, rather he's being taken over....Mhm I see...I will allow you this once...” The doctor talked and made practically no sense to anyone...anyone but Blaze himself and Yamamoto.

The Doctor opened his eyes...they had a light purple tinge to them.  “The Doctor let you use his body to speak with us” Yamamoto looked down to the Doctor...or who he once was just a moment ago.

“What do you mean head captain?” Ichiro asked dumbfounded.

The Doctor looked away from Yamamoto and over to Blaze and his black eyes. “I have no intention of talking to you Soul Reaper...just him” The doctor locked his purple eyes into a stare with Blaze's black eyes.  “You have no right to interfere with Blaze Kagayaku...I still have my bet with him and I tend to see it through” The Doctor spoke to Blaze.

“Think of it as my bet too..after all I am a side effect, an alter ego of your very being...Kewashii Furea” Blaze spoke and his voice began to grow deeper and deeper.

“The doctor...he's possessed by-” yamamoto cut off Kibo, almost pushing Kibo aside, “Mhm... Kewashii Furea is within the intruder...while Blaze's black flame has a grasp over Blaze himself.

The Doctor..or Kewashii rather, folded his arms, breaking free from Mathew's grasp. “Do not call him the black flame...that will just inflate his ego... Kugeki, return to your cage...where you belong”.

Blaze pierced his stare through the doctor; “You dare call me bastard...You SHOULD THANK ME! I'm the one going to satisfy his bloodthirst...our bloodthirst! You are the real would rather him lose a bet and his life!” Kugeki spoke through Blaze with more anger than before.

Silence fell over everyone.  Kibo knelt down to the Doctor and adressed him.  

“Kewashii... What does the blackfla- I mean...Kugeki mean when he says lose Blaze's life.

More silence fell over the group of Soul Reapers.  “Kibo Kyuryu, everyone here as a matter of fact” Kewashii began to address everyones confusion and concerns. “Blaze won't often admit it...but it is all of you that keep Kugeki at bay, not always is it his to him as one and put an end to Kugeki, if there are questions after everything is done...Blaze might tell you” Everyone turned and looked to Blaze, his barbaric and aggressive body language, his eyes filled with nothing but hatred.

Kibo turned away from Kewashii and looked into Blaze's eyes.  “You hear it a lot...from me especially in a time past” Kibo's eyes almost glistened with tears, but he heald them back with all his might.  “You may have left us before, but we all...welcome you home...there's no more doing things on your own Blaze, We've all got your back!”

“Yes!” The group simeaultanously cheered.

Kugeki fought hard to shut his eyes, his head stay perfectly still but Blaze fought equally within himself to look around at each and everyone surrounding him. Ichiro felt Blaze's muscles begin to tense down. Kibo watched the black begin to fade from Blaze's eyes and yet still struggle to fully disperse.

“So whaddya say Blaze, you and us go get Korren together!” Kibo grinned and took off a piece of his attire and through it over Blazes shoulders.

“Your call, Captain Kagayaku of Squad fourteen” Amadalia smirked, Blaze who had only half of his mind under control at this point, realized that Kibo had placed his Haori over Blaze's shoulders...declaring him the true Captain of Squad 14.

Blaze's eyes returned to normal. “Everyone...I..”

“Your back, thats what you are”

Blaze's eyes flew open, realizing Kewashii had just spoken. Blaze saw the doctor but managed to keep his anger under control...his body to tired to even be angry right now.

“I'm using this vessel to just say thank you Blaze...thank you for not allowing Kugeki the last ounce of your will he needed” Kewashii thanked Blaze who tried to stand up but wobbled backwards, Ichiro and Kibo able to hold Blaze up. “It wasn't for you was for my friends” Blaze replied calmly.  Kewashii bowed in respect for Blaze's reply.  “But...thank you Kewashii for helping me and my friends fend off Korren for now. It's not all over just yet, are you ready for more action soon?” Blaze smirked, joking with his zanpakuto spirit.

“I wouldn't have it any other way Blaze” Kewashii/ the Doctor grinned.

“Still, we havent had a straightforward answer from you; Kewashii” Mathew placed his hand onto the Doctor's shoulder.  “What did Kugeki mean when he talked about a bet and life?” Mathew persisted with the unanswered question.

Kewashii's eyes began to glow dark purple.  “I am in a position of power and opportunity at this moment... Blaze, your hands cannot be stained with blood for a time being...seeing how Kugeki is a part of yourself aswell as myself, I will be the one to satisfy him and detain him for the time being” Kewashii began top speak, clearly avoiding the question at hand. Blaze scratched his head, completely confused.

At that very moment, The Doctor  from head down began to erupt in flames, causing everyone to back away from the flames.

“Kewashii, don't!” Blaze was too late....Kewashii incinerated the Doctor.

(leaving without an answer...I can't help but feel worried of that zanpakuto spirit's intentions) Yamamoto said in thought to himself.

“Dammit Kewashii...we could have questioned him” Kibo looked at the smoking ashes that was once the Doctor.  “Blaze-” Kibo turned towards Blaze who appeared to be in pain.

“It's just a headache...Kewashii and Kugeki are back with me” Blaze assured everyone.  (Kugeki...Kewashii, now I know both of your names) Blaze said in thought. Blaze picked up his zanpakuto and turned it to the left side of his blade, resembling protection and where the incantaion for protection should be.  “I still don't know your name... Blue flame”. Blaze shut his eyes to concentrate. A feint voice rang in his conciouss “Enjo” Blaze smiled.

(I'll come train one more time...I'm gunna need it for Korren!) Blaze spoke in his thoughts, hoping Kewashii, Enjo and even Kugeki hears him.  

Blaze looked around to all his friends, some tired, some worried...some happy.

{Kewashii's Spiritual realm}

Kewashii sat at the edge of his platform, floating along the river of flowing lava. “You want to protect them all, no matter the's reckless Blaze” Kewashii spoke out.  Kewashii then proceeded to open his right hand, a black flame burned brightly. “Welcome back aren't leaving my grasp” Kewashii then began to open his left hand, a bright blue flame shone even brighter than the black flame within his right hand.  “You know my name...Kewashii. You know Kugeki's true name... and you even found the Blue flame...Enjo” Kewashii started to push both the blue and black flames together.  “But i'm sure he'll tell you soon enough.” Kewashii formed a lavender flame in both of his hands. “what is the name of your Unison flame? Even I don't know... but I believe I have a good guess” Kewashii's facial expression caused his bandages to outline Blaze's classic smirk.

Kewashii tossed the lavender flames to the ground under his feet....their burn marks left kanji;

“Blaze Kagayaku”.
Chapter 32: Mentality
Been a while since I posted, next chapter should be the longest I've ever written since it will be my LAST CHAPTER! I can't wait to write everything into a tight knot!or.... nah, hope you guys like ^_^

Story (C) Blaze Kagayaku
Power emitting from both Blaze Kagayaku and Korren Septimus' presence was overwhelming those who were detained within Korren's ice dome. Blaze stood with most of his body clad in blue flames, his body continuing to heal what strain Korren managed to induce.

In the distance Korren stood holding his axe tightly in his right hand, his left hand beginning to form a sphere of blue energy. “Beneath your very feet are scattering ants.. I'd like to say that my followers have made short work of these ants” Korren began to speak all the while watching Blaze's eyes narrow and jaw tighten. “However...I doubt my followers will live througout the hour” Korren cocked back his arm and threw his sphere of blue energy towards Blaze ; Blaze scoffed and lunged forward, his flames running upwards along his blade's edge. As Blaze pushed forward his sword seperated Korren's attack into 2 halves that shot upwards and exploded. Snow began to fall behind Blaze while he pushed onwards.

With muscle tearing force, Blaze smashed his Bankai into Korren's falling axe. Korren was fast enough to push with Blaze's attack to soften the blow. (Where is this strength coming from?) Korren thought to himself while being pushed back.  “How can you have such doubt” Blaze started to relax his muscles, bringing his bankai to rest upon his right shoulder. “I mean, I know they are the bad guys in this situation, but aren't you hoping to have your men be victorious?” Blaze stopped talking and let his sword slide down to the ice beneath his feet. Blaze brought his left hand up to his face and placed his index and middle finger against his forehead and closed his eyes.

“Hmm...okay” Blaze spoke to himself.

Korren spread his wings and leaned forward to Blaze. “So is this how it will be? My oponnent will lose his mind before his life?”

“I'm just checking to make sure, Kewashii...” Blaze finished speaking and regained his battle stance towards Korren. “Oh sorry, I was just seeing if I can show you something”.

“Had to check and make sure it was okay with my secret admirer” Blaze smirked.

Before Blaze could say anything else, Korren was in his face, axe aiming for his head. Blaze ducked and pushed his bankai forward, korren side stepping and bringing his elbow down into the middle of the shoulder's of Blaze. Before touching the ground, Blaze curved over Korren's knee that drove into his stomach.  Defenseless and airborne, Blaze caught a glimpse of Korren's image expanding on his Bankai's smooth reflection. ( I need to be faster) Blaze turned his left hand so his open palm was facing his right side. Fire erupted from his palm to whip his body to the left, Bankai following suit.

Korren flash stepped away from Blaze. “Interesting tactic...however, you-”

Korren was cut short by a red line forming on his chest, extending from his left shoulder down to his left hip. Korren's eyes widened alongside Blaze's grin. Blood began to spray in a mist from within Korren's chest.  “Y-you...” Korren's eyes fixated on his blood, Blaze used his flash step to position himself overhead of Korren before his flames erupted behind his back now. Blaze propelled downwards, directly towards Korren who was distracted.

{Below, within Korren's ice dome}

Tsuyoi dug his feet into the ground beneath his feet, black energy beginning to flow around his body. “Like I said before-” Tsuyoi began to speak before allowing his shihakusho to slip off of his upper body, revealing the pitch black markings of his tattoo...the falcon. “You should have stayed dead”.

Huroka scoffed, both his right and left cannons began to emit a glow. “I had planned to deal with you...right after Kibo Kyuryu, oh well...both of you at once wouldnt bother me!”

Overhead a deafening bang resonated, echoing within the entire dome. Swords froze, eyes aimed upwards to the top of the ice dome. A crack began to make it's way down both sides of the ice dome, glistening dust of frost shot out from the crack. The large crack reached the stadium floor and began to spider all around the ice dome. By the time all the cracks stopped spreading it was extremely hard to make out anything within the ice dome.

The ground began to shake beneath everyones feet; “Tsuyoi, where are you!” Tessa yelled out, seeing dark hazy figures standing off in the distance thanks to the haze of frost surrounding. A flash of bright light passed by Tessa and pursued into the distance. The light that passed through her broke towards both of the people Tessa couldn't make out...both shady figures dashing away in different directions from the light...suddenly Tessa felt her hands beginning to tingle...numb.

“Please tell my Captain, I will have vengeance” Huroka spoke softly into Tessa's right ear.

Tessa looked down to see nothing but blood in the middle of her torso. With no strength in her knees she collapsed to the ground like a rag doll.

Seconds passed and in a powerful and abrupt burst, the ice dome that surrounded everyone shattered into a flurry of frost. Everyone coffed and waved away the dispersing frost until vision cleared and the frost subdued.

Everyone's initial instinct was to look into the sky and witness what had taken place overhead.

Descending to the ground in a blur, Korren Septimus stood in his original ressurection form. Horns of ice on either side of his long blue hair, an axe of ice extending from his arm, a spike of ice portruding from Korren's shoulder; and yet instead of being just how Korren was before his heaven form...this time something very noticeable stuck out to all those gazing at the monster before them. Korren Septimus was panting ever so slightly and blood stained his skin in numerous areas; his own blood.

Across from Korren was Blaze Kagayaku who stood shaking from strain but heald onto his sword, being pushed back into his shikai state. Blaze was on par with Korren, blood and breathing just the same. “Everyone... prepare yourself!” Blaze yelled out, his head turning only slightly to not break eye contact with Korren. (Move a muscle...I dare you) Blaze thought to himself whilst his teeth grinded against each other.

“You all heard him!” Kibo yelled.

“Everyone who can fight” Tsuyoi started to look around to see just how many Soul Reaper's were being rallied to fight and defend. “Everyone and anyone, let's get-” Tsuyoi was cut short by looking out into the distance and behind Korren. Tessa laid on the ground face down in a pool of her own blood with Huroka standing over her body...his cannons still dispersing smoke from their blast.

Kibo happened to see Tsuyoi quiet and motionless and almost instantly Kibo saw just as Tsuyoi had. Tsuyoi moved forward and Kibo gripped onto Tsuyoi's wrist with all his strength; “Tsuyoi, Tsuyoi!” Kibo yelled as loud as he could but to Tsuyoi there was no sound...only a sharp ringing. Tsuyoi broke from Kibo's grasp and continued mindlessly walking to Tessa and Huroka.

“N-no...” Tsuyoi whispered, his eyes glistening. Tsuyoi grew closer to Blaze who slammed his palm against Tsuyoi to stop him from walking...or so he tried. At this moment Blaze finally broke his stare with Korren and both Korren and Blaze looked over to Huroka. Blaze felt his heart drop into his stomach, burning and dissolving in disbelief and pain.
Huroka spread out his arms.and stared down Blaze Kagayaku.

“Behold, the first of you to fall... yet my vengeance is not yet complete!” Huroka exclaimed. Korren flashed beside Huroka and placed his hand against Huroka's back.

Huroka nodded his head to Korren, seeing this as a sign of Korren's acceptance. “I'm sorry Korren, but you will not be the one to slay Blaze Kagayaku and his pathetic comrades, I will be the one to bring vengeance to my true leader...Kogeta Kagayaku” Tsuyoi lost all rational thinking and flashed towards Huroka, his fists aiming for Huroka's head. Korren swiftly stepped infront of Huroka and kicked Tsuyoi off to the side.

Blaze flash stepped infront of Tsuyoi and heald onto Tsuyoi tightly so that he may not rush towards Korren and Huroka recklessly and get himself killed. Tear drops began to fall onto Blaze's wrists and Blaze could feel Tsuyoi physically shaking.

“Wait, So you mean that you even though you swore allegience to have another that you serve?” Korren asked Huroka now face to face in a very deep and grim tone. “Kogeta Kagayaku...the true leader of the court guard squads” Huroka replied. Korren's right eye twitched slightly. “And you are telling me, that man right there-” Korren pointed over  to Blaze specifically; “-Is not mine to kill”. Huroka nodded to signal yes.  Korren turned away from Huroka and his eyes met Blaze's who was looking over his shoulder back at Korren now.

“Well isn't that a shame...Because you see, Blaze Kagayaku... is MINE”

Korren swiftly spun around in a full circle and extended his arm outwards. Huroka was knocked staggering backwards and grasping his neck. Blood begun to pour down Huroka's throat from a deep and straight cut from Korren's axe.  

Korren's eyes darted around the crowd of Soul Reapers, scowering for his followers. “Members of the beloved followers, approach!” Korren yelled out.

Yuki Takeshi and Doctor looked at one another, all the while being cloaked within Yuki Takeshi's Fullbring. Yuki grabbed onto Doctor's wrist in a skeptical decision to not approach Korren. In a blur, BLANK appeared before Korren.

“Yes my-” BLANK was cut off, his chest impaled by Korren. “I'm so sorry, I hardly knew ye...I find that you Seiga, or whatever you call yourself...just don't cut it” Korren retracted his axe and allowed for BLANK to meet the same fate as Huroka. “Loyalty is hard to come by” Korren began to raise off of the ground.

Blaze let go of Tsuyoi who quickly ran over to Tessa, picking up her in his arms. “Tsuyoi, get her to medical now!” Blaze yelled over to Tsuyoi. Tsuyoi looked up from Tessa , his stare attempting to pierce Korren's smirk with pure rage.

“TSUYOI!” Blaze roared, snapping Tsuyoi out of his daze and snapping him Tsuyoi back into reality.

“I don't have enough in me right now to use my blue flames, you have to get Tessa to medical right now!” Blaze yelled out of worry, almost sounding like a plea. Tsuyoi nodded and flash stepped away from the area with Tessa in his arms, as he passed Blaze there was a whisper exchanged.

“She needs you Tsuyoi, leave the rest to me”

“Blaze...make leave not even an ash left of that mother fucker”

Eyes narrowed and Blaze was now stood alongside by Kibo, Ichiro and many other familiar faces. Everyone watched as Korren raised into the sky, not sure what to predict.  “Not sure where Yuki Takeshi and that other guy went” Kibo informed Blaze Kagayaku.  “Don't focus on those guys...after seeing what that iscicle up there did to their friends.... not  sure that they wanna be saying hi yet” a familiar voice off to Blaze's right spoke out.

Blaze made eye contact with Amadalia moonsong, a swift nod was all that would be given...both knowing the enormous threat that they were up against. Amadalia and her troops behind her rallied with swords ready. Readjusting her bandages that wrapped around her wrists, a firm grip along her blade's hilt revealed her steel...eager and prepared for the sure to come battle. “If my knowledge serves me well, a rumor has it that Kuro Doku has found out a weakspot in that fullbringer's abilities” Amadalia finished.

Korren opened up his left hand and in the air a black crack shattered to reveal shadows. “Blaze Kagayaku... I do mean what I said. You will be mine, and I know you feel that I am yours...and yours to kill. Will you prove my doubt wrong?” Korren began to step into the crack in the sky.

“DONT LET HIM USE THAT GARGANTA!” Kibo yelled as loud as he could.

Soul Reaper after Soul Reaper poured into the sky in pursuit of stopping Korren.  

Korren was almost lost from everyone, leaving the battlefield. “I think you know where to find me”.
Just as blades swung...Korren vanished.

A dead silence fell over the crowd, only slow pacing footsteps made their way to Blaze.

"It's been relayed...Kuro Doku is about to disrupt Yuki Takeshi's fullbring" Head Captain Yamamoto gently placed his hands ontop of his cane. Blaze turned around to look at Yamamoto. His lungs stung with each and every breathe.

"There's so much...blood" Blaze clentched his fists as his gaze ran across the once roaring crowd of spectators...bodies piled within the stadium's stands. Without any hesitation Blaze dashed across the shattered earth and corpses with anger in his heart and venom in his eyes. ( You want me, you're gunna get bastard-) just as Blaze passed a group of Soul Reapers, a powerful grip stopped Blaze in his tracks... not being able to break out of this grip, Blaze found himself stopped in his tracks as if he hit a wall.  Blaze's eyes followed along the man's wrists that lined with chains to the man he had met before.  "Blaze Kagayaku, have you not faced this thing before? opponent with what seems to be the upper hand?".

"Mathew, you don't understa-"

"My man, don't make assumptions that I have not got a clue what you are thinking... what you are feeling. I've dealt with my fair share of challenges" Mathew released his grip on Blaze and for a brief second Blaze thought to continue moving;

"Everyone here, we're gunna need each and everyone. First thing is first...we'll get this Fullbringer out of our way"
Chapter 31: Heaven is cold (part 2)
More to come soon!

Blaze: ....
Korren:......Yeah, you gunna come at me bro?


Bleach (c) Tite Kibo
Mathew (c) :iconchikararyoku:
Amadalia (c) :iconamadalia:
Blaze (c) :iconblazekagayaku:

Lemme show off your oc :D // BLAZE INTERVIEWS!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 6, 2015, 8:08 PM
Hey guys if you comment and link your favorite "Blaze" Picture i'll do a step up and link in this journal my fave pic of your oc and maybe write a lil something :D

On another note, The Blaze interview segments are back up! I'ts season 2 and I'm working on the first one right now. Comment and lemme know if you;d like to get a fun rp interview with Blaze ( i lost everyone who didnt get in first couple episodes!) But anyways lemme know if you'd want to and ill send a note! (I sometime take way too long to reply, horrid flaw of mine)

Peace BUD!

_____________Below, oc's feature)____________

"Asumu Godai"
Asumu Godai - Profile Sheet

Name: Asumu Godai
Race: Quincy
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Red
Age: Mid Twenties
Rank: None currently (Formerly Sternritter "L - The Lunar")
Martial Status: Single
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: Asumu is a fairly tall, youthful appearing man with long, silver-white hair and bleak red eyes. He has a fair build, not being too muscular but not particularly scrawny either. His current attire is the old Reishi armor that he hand-crafted. It is deep blue with golden trims along with a dark blue and black cape, a means to protect himself from the Hollowed wastelands of Hueco Mundo. It is scarred and worn, but it still functions perfectly; he has even gone as far as to say that he's wore the armor so long it's become a part of his body. He originally wore the standard uniform of most all Sternritter.

Owner: :iconmrb1ank:

Asumu Godai is exactly what you're seeing: A kickass Sternritter with a kickass story! Above is my favorite picture of Asumu and with it is his profile sheet.

Red Sun Rising by artlistair
Owner: :iconartlistair:

This picture of Rei's oc Benriya Akashino will leave your brain melting in awe...Rei has amazing art but this is totally my fave!

The Third Seat of the Second Division by Zero-Factor
Owner: :iconzero-factor:

Que third seated "Vincent Jirou Canicus" of the Second division. Vincent totally looks like he would be the stealthy and lethal prize jewel that Soi fon would be looking for; this picture is my favorite!

Andrew by Zanpakuto-leader by Merc-Wit-da-Mouth
Owner: :iconmerc-wit-da-mouth:

Andrew Vargais, what is not to love about this guy?! Andrew Vargais is an Oc i'm quite familiar with, I've known Andrew since the earlier days of me being on Deviantart. "Shinigami in blue" Is the nickname I'm giving him right here, right now XD Andrew's pictures and fanfiction are incredible resulting to this successful oc. Captain Vargais we're standing attention!

Mathew Cimitara Suraisa: Riamazariel Style. Focus by ChikaraRyoku
Owner: :iconchikararyoku:

Mathew cimitara Suraisa looks in this picture just how I think Captains with the right mindset for battle should look like; Cool/ calm and collected yet something huge is about to erupt from this powerful shinigami. There are many pictures of this oc and this picture is something I awe and envy over!

G - Zabuzas Bankai by Lanokir
Owner: :iconlanokir:

Zabuza? More like Za-badass! Lanokir has many awesome pictures and yet this above all else keeps me staring at my computer screen and finding a new favor for the color green! How would you fight death and decay? Challenge this Bankai and pray that god's on your side.

Magni Kenpachison: Full Hollow by VikingDan300
Owner: :iconvikingdan300:

Magni Kenpachison pretty much destroyed my pc with that power-blast in this can you think of anything more deadly and destructive as this fully hollowed magni as pictured above...Blaze's destruction form is like a freshman to a senior up to this fella 

Happy New Years by Envy4hearts
Owner: :iconenvy4hearts:

The above picture is envy's latest picture and yet it's my favorite! the art is amazing in itself and Envia's personality is one of my favorite, check out her profile picture but I highly recommend reading fellow oc creator Amadalia's "Battle high series" as you will learn to laugh and love the personality that is Envy...these characters with a laidback and 'unique' personality always get the laughs but when it's time for battle there is no doubt in their skill or power.

More than I once was by snakes-on-a-plane
Owner: :iconsnakes-on-a-plane:

Jo Morelli! I love flames (as you all know) and Jo is an example of a flame user/top tier badass :iconbadassplz: In the above picture you see the many stages Jo has gone under, the picture is amazing! Something I've always wanted to have commissioned btu was unclear of doing until I seen how epic Snakes made this pic. Get your flames in top gear, Blaze vs Jo gunna' happen!

{UGH I had all this stuff written and accidentally closed my fkn browser...geez}

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BlazeKagayaku's Profile Picture
If you read this, you lost
Wanna show some "Blaze Kagayaku" friendship? post these stamps on your profile!
StampRequest_Blaze1 by Miyuki-Tsukiyono & StampRequest_Blaze2 by Miyuki-Tsukiyono

Stamps above were made by :iconmiyuki-tsukiyono:
My names ******* and im a writing addict :D i love fan fic, ones especially on bleach and i even write one of my own :P , im just an average person who came to deviant art to meet cool new people and share stories :D message me just to say hi whenever :la:

Current Residence: Canada, Eh
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Personal Quote: "Eh?"

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