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[C] [ Seisui Naito ] by DatInconStampRequest_Blaze2 by Miyuki-TsukiyonoStampRequest_Blaze1 by Miyuki-Tsukiyono [C] [ Ichiro ] by Inconcabille


Blaze Kagayaku

Blaze Kagayaku -Bankai- by BlazeKagayaku
Kuro Doku
Kuro Doku -Bankai- by BlazeKagayaku
Oc's above (c) :iconblazekagayaku:
Squad 14... click above to see the powerful Bankai of this bleach squad :)
Above art (c) :iconlarizsantos:

Commission stats!

:iconlarizsantos::iconzanpakuto-leader::iconthechabot::iconrtenzo::icontalespirit::iconpaleblood::iconarrancarfighter::iconpoch0010::iconcerae28::iconflyingdragon04::iconthedarkmia::iconkuromiyastudio::icondennouparanoia::iconchoirira: :iconev1ct: :iconnamh::iconnyriam::iconpastel--ink::iconrinriko::iconthoughtfulthorn::iconpinkrose3101::iconlivingplaywrite::iconmasuyoaraki::iconann-ma::iconruccian::iconucaliptic::icondindakai::iconblazewb:

Above is artists that I have commissioned in the past.Any other pieces of artwork to date have been generous gifts or fanart that i absolutely adore each and everyone, without people like these, Blaze would be a name without a face! thanks :)


-Sora appears out of nowhere in full captain uniform ready to fight Blaze-
Wed Jun 3, 2015, 7:05 AM
It's only yours my friend if you brought sake.
Sun Apr 12, 2015, 7:42 PM
-stands up brushing off the dust- about time you showed... -Ama lowers her stance, getting ready to charge-
Wed Feb 11, 2015, 1:18 PM
-plummets from the sky, knocking everyone away from the throne- Ah I see you've saved me a seat!
Tue Feb 10, 2015, 2:57 PM
-grabs throrne, spinning it around as fast as she can-
Mon Feb 9, 2015, 1:51 PM
such a cozy looking throne... I think it'd look better with me{;
Sat Feb 7, 2015, 1:45 PM
-looks around- seems I still have it
Wed Feb 4, 2015, 2:45 AM
-brews tea and sits down- Yep I invaded your chat... -sips tea then crosses her legs sitting back-
Tue Jan 27, 2015, 6:41 PM
-slames down the throne-
Tue Jan 27, 2015, 6:40 PM
yep... looks like a good spot
Tue Jan 27, 2015, 6:39 PM
-Yawns walking in dragging the skull thrine behind her-
Tue Jan 27, 2015, 6:39 PM
Wed Aug 6, 2014, 12:47 PM
Pfffft me silly! NEVERRRR
Sun Feb 16, 2014, 8:46 PM
hahahaah silly Blaze
Thu Feb 13, 2014, 10:55 PM
-clings and hugs shoutbox- It's so....cold now
Thu Feb 13, 2014, 9:11 AM


Quitting bleach, giving away Blaze

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 1, 2015, 6:48 AM
So legit, much fooling

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Marume's zanpakuto began to shine a bright white light causing Blaze, Kuro and most of the audience to block their eyes.

“Fancy light trick Marume” Blaze commented as he started to blink and re-adjust his eyes for the fight. In a mere second Marume was crouched beside Blaze, both of his feet pushing off the ground and driving a large and circular metal object into Blaze's chest. Surprised and alarmed, Blaze was sent backwards with his feet dragging into the dirt floor and yet never loosing his balance. Blaze winced in pain and placed his right palm onto his chest to regain the breath that was forced out of his lungs.

“Yes I know I know, fancy looking and just can't muster any compliments” Marume smirked, his long hair falling over both shoulders now. Marume in his right hand held onto a circular, silver shield that wasn't much bigger than 2 feet in diameter. Carved into the shield was 4 symbols, a red heart, a red diamond, a black clover and lastly was a black spade. Hanging loosely in Marume's left hand was a long and slim silver Katana with a thin silver tube exiting through the hilt of this sword. Blaze's eyes followed the thin tube to wrap around behind Marume and attach itself to Marume's shield.

Flashing into sight above Marume was Kibo, gripping his spear with both hands. (Keep your guard up, Baka) Kibo thought as he plummeted towards Marume. Turning his eyes to the side, a devious grin came across Marume's face. In quick succession Marume spun around and released his grip on his shield, swinging his sword so that the tube connecting both his sword and shield followed suit with the motion of his swing. Marume's shield whipped into the air and made contact with Kibo's plunging strike to ultimately break Kibo's posture and leave him descending and open to a front attack. “Wha-” Kibo muttered. Marume pushed off the ground and in a blur he passed Kibo in mid air before flipping forward and landing on the ground. Kibo landed on the ground as well but with a shaky stature.

“Kibo...” Blaze began to pick up his pace and approach his friend.

Blood sprayed from Kibo's left hip to his right shoulder, causing Kibo to fall on one knee. “Should've predicted” Kibo spoke softly while grinding his teeth to endure his cut's stinging reminder. Blaze approached Kibo only to be met with a ball of powerful wind. In a last minute embrace, Blaze leaned in with his right shoulder and was only pushed back a few meters before flash stepping out of the way and allowing this ball of air to travel across the arena. “Don't come over here unless it's to attack...we're still fighting each other here Blaze!” Kibo began to wobble to his feet and turned back towards Marume.

“That was fun, want another dance?” Marume turned around and smiled at Kibo. Kibo spat on the ground and began to charge in Marume's direction. Marume began to crouch, holding his shield up and his sword horizontal behind his back. Kibo's Shikai started to summon powerful gusts of wind to trail behind Kibo with each step. Once Kibo was near Marume, the wind behind Kibo began to push against his own body. With the speed of his wind behind him, Kibo passed by Marume without giving Marume a chance to even react. Marume's left shoulder began to trickle blood down his arm. And for a second Blaze who was simply observing had watched a concerned look on Marume's face when he watched his blood fall down his right arm. What Marume did next really intrigued Blaze, Marume switched his sword from his left hand to his right, leaving his shield to be picked up by his left arm. Blaze continued to watch while both Kibo and Marume dodged attack after attack and exchanged blows equally. Kibo cocked his right arm back and threw his spear towards Marume who only had to step to the side in order to avoid the spear. “Nice aim!” Marume taunted and dashed towards Kibo. Kibo pointed his finger at Marume and wind began to whip towards Marume. Spinning and rolling from one side to another, Marume avoided the wind and was directly infront of Kibo who remained without any sort of defense. “All I have to do is stick to close range with you!” Marume brought his right hand up and his sword down towards Kibo.

Sparks fell onto Kibo's face, Marume's sword knocked out of his hands with Kibo's spear returning towards Kibo, missing Kibo's grasp but returning to his direction just in time to knock Marume's sword away from an attack. Kibo flash stepped backwards and smacked grabbed his Shikai just a few feet behind him on the ground. “Bastard” Marume shouted angrily, feeling his possibly fatal strike being taken away from him. Marume yanked on his shield with his left hand and had his sword fling back to him and caught with his right hand. Kibo smashed his Shikai into the ground and wind began to form a solid wall between Marume and himself.

“Stop running and face the light” Marume taunted Kibo before noticing something something to his right. Blaze's fist punched Marume's jaw with a boneshattering punch, blood and spit flung from Marume's mouth and his body tossed and turned around the ground. Before Marume pressed off the ground with his shield and spun back up to his feet. Blaze flashed once again before Marume and this time slashed to Marume's side. With quick reaction Marume ducked, a trail of fire just  missing his head but singing a few hairs off of his head. Marume pushed forward and Blaze tried to dash to his left and managed to do so. “Thank you for allowing my victory Blaze Kagayaku!” Marume smiled. Blaze watched Marume's blade have a trail of blood and a few spots of blood fade away.

“And why exactly do you believe you are entitled to this victory?” Blaze doubtfully questioned, knowing Marume was trying to play mind games. “Both you and Kibo have bled on Rakki Fuko, my sword and shield have respectfully both touched the blood of my opponnents...there isn't any need for waiting” .

Kibo pushed through his wall of wind and began flash stepping towards Marume. “Stop being so full of bullshit!” Kibo started to spin his Shikai and with every flick of his wrist was another strike pelting Marume's shield. Kibo's eyes were locked onto Marume, attempting to muster up an almost animal-like rage. Kibo brought his right arm up which brought a gust of wind upwards in front of Marume and pushed his shield and sword up into the air with his arms. “It's over!” Kibo drove his Shikai into Marume's right shoulder, Once Kibo's shikai punctured Marume's shoulder Wind began to gather around Kibo's hands to help toss Kibo's shikai  and carry Marume attached to it.

“NO!” Marume let go of his sword and let it swing in the air, while he held tightly onto his shield and flew across the arena only to be pinned to the wall of the arena by Kibo's shikai. Wind followed Kibo's shikai in pursuit and battered against Marume's body. Kibo started running towards Marume before his wind could clear up, that way Marume would stay put and be finally out of this tournament. “Step back!” Blaze yelled over to Kibo. Wind dispersed in a sudden burst of spiritual energy and Kibo's Shikai sent spinning away from Marume and the wall that it had been impaled into. “How?” Kibo asked, stopping in his tracks to see Marume standing bloodied and tattered, his clothes barely hanging onto his upper body. “Heh...hahaha, Gyakusatsu Kado....Slaughter Cards” Marume laughed wickedly, no longer holding in his hands a sword and shield but instead a deck of cards.

The arena echoed with Marume's laughter, Blaze and Kibo looking to each other in confusion yet caution. “Ladies and gentlemen, watch as I deal out the final blow!” Marume opened his arms and began to attempt a crowd hyping moment. “First card....” Marume brought his deck of cards to his face and slowly peeled back the first card. “Blaze Kagayaku is written on this one!” Marume's pupils darted to meet Blaze's confused glare. “This must be for you Blaze Kagayaku!” Marume whipped this card in blinding speed towards Blaze.
Blaze brought his shikai upwards and made contact with Marume's card, splitting the card in half. “Uh uh” Marume snapped his fingers and in an instant the card that was split in half exploded in a large fiery blast, the fire and explosion seemed to destroy a portion of the arena floor and a hefty portion of the crowd behind Blaze.

“MARUME!” Kibo yelled, the crowd began to scream in horror... all seemed in an uproar until the smoke from the explosion had dispersed. Both the crowd behind Blaze, the stands, the arena and everything that the explosion had made contact was unscathed....Blaze however laid impaled into the ground that he once stood on..nothing more, no large crater or even damage to the arena floor.

Marume pushed his long hair away from his face and began to brush off his shoulders. “I suddenly feel much muuuuuuch better” Marume turned to Kibo who began to have an outline of light blue energy surround him. “Before you go on bulking up, don't you wanna know the card trick?” Marume grinned, his eyes piercing into Kibo's. “In Rakki Fuko's state, my sword acts as a port if you will...It absorbs blood that it can touch, transferring the blood that has been stored and stockpiled into my shield via the tube connecting the two. Once I activate Bankai, my deck of cards are shuffled into fifty two cards with the name of whomever blood was used to create that card...that card can only detonate an explosion that would cause damage to the one who's name are written on the card”. Kibo scowled at Marume and began to spin his Shikai in his hands.

“BANKAI!” Kibo yelled, a pillar of wind circled around him and reached up into the clouds overhead.

Marume pulled back the next 3 cards in his deck. “Two for for you little fella”.

Kibo appeared up in the air above the entire arena, 2 long green scythes in each hand, both scythes having a blade on each respective end in different directions. Kibo looked down towards Marume, his blonde hair stained with red blood as it dripped down and fell onto Marume's forehead. “No thanks, I have enough from you already” Marume teased Kibo and threw the card with Kibo's name on it up into the sky. Kibo began to spin his scythes, each rotating in a different direction. Once Marume's card reached Kibo it detonated. Marume turned his attention away from Kibo and threw one of the cards that had Blaze's name on it to land just in front of Blaze.

Marume waited as Blaze was just beginning to stand up. “Boom” Marume said softly, Marume also threw the other card in his hand at Blaze . The entire arena floor was consumed in a fiery blast. Overhead, Kibo remained untouched. “I guess twirling those batons of yours worked... guess I'm gunna have to hit you with a double dose like your friend-” Emerging from the smoke just as Marume was rambling on, Blaze walked out with fire dripping off of his body. In Blaze's right hand was his large guillotine blade...his “Bankai, Kewashii JIGOKU!” Blaze's angered stare shook Marume's confidence. “Bastard” Marume scowled. “I've trained with my zanpakuto long enough that my fire is strong enough to press away even the strongest of your silly little cards!” Blaze began to run towards Marume, both hands on Kewashii Jigoku's hilt and guard. Overhead, Kibo began spinning both of his Bankai scythes in his hand , the circular rotation of his scythes brought large and condensed currents of wind to form a large and solid ball of wind. “Torrent Bomb!” Kibo pushed his balls of wind down towards Marume. From Marume's side, Blaze began to tense up his muscles and get ready to  fight Marume head on.

“That's right, come closer Blaze!” Marume smiled wickedly and drew his next  3 cards. (IMPOSSIBLE) Marume's  jaw dropped open...1 card in his had read Blaze Kagayaku while the other two read...Marume Saiwai.

Marume in all his confusion and shock threw Blaze's card to the ground and jumped away from Blaze's attack. “Kisai Koto!” Blaze yelled, his large Bankai sheathing itself in dark red flames. The explosion rippled through Blaze's body. Marume's grim mistake was jumping upwards and into Kibo's Torrent Bombs. The closer wind bomb exploded into a fury of whips and slashes. Marume shot in unthinkable speed  the ground . Smoke from the card's explosion had been pushed aside from Kibo's wind. Blaze stood with Marume gripped tightly in his left hand. “Wanna know a card trick...some of those have your name” Blaze had caught on to why Marume didn't use all 3 cards that he drew against Blaze at once. “When I punched you earlier...your blood touched your sword”. Marume couldn't believe what he was hearing, he had been so cautious. Kibo's second Torrent bomb was only a few seconds from reaching the arena floor. “You'll kill.. us both” Marume commented on the current situation. “No, me and that guy up there still gotta have a fight” Blaze looked up and only saw Kibo's torrent bomb, though he was looking passed it and knowing Kibo was looking down on him...for now.

“Well if you don't kill us both...I WILL” Marume tightly gripped his deck of cards and shut his eyes tightly. Blaze's eyes widened and Marume snapped his fingers. Kibo's wind attack fused into Marume's massive explosion. Kibo was struck by the explosion's shockwave, causing him to fall down to the ground and be lost by the crowd due to the smoke and debris. Everyone in the stands covered their mouth from inhaling too much debris. Kibo's wind still kicking up dirt within the arena. Amidst the smoke, Blaze began to stand in a wobble and shaky stature. In the distance he could see Kibo kneeling down and opening the once locked chest that held Division 14's captain haori. Blaze began to run at Kibo, Blaze's flames from his Bankai illuminated his presence through the smoke just enough that Kibo could see Blaze coming... Kibo's Scythes lay idle on the ground, in no way was he going to have to to grab his Bankai and prepare for Blaze's assault... Kibo fumbled to open the box and gripped the haori, Blaze stood only a few feet away and brought his arms up to cut down and through Kibo. Both Blaze and Kibo froze in spot. 10 seconds passed by, both Kibo and Blaze looked to one another in complete isolation from the crowd and wherever Marume had gone thanks to the cloud of debris.  

“Do you remember the first time you showed me the tournament poster” Blaze broke the silence, his hair falling over his face to shade his eyes. Kibo stared puzzled at Blaze but nodded his head signaling that he remembered.

“You were the first one to think I could win friend, you were the first Kibo” Kibo watched as a single tear fell down Blaze's face and struck the ground. Kibo's eyes shook and he looked away from Blaze. “Enough of your sentimental bullshit Blaze... You fucked up, You know I think that... won't always think that way though” Kibo turned up to look at Blaze, his own voice becoming hoarse now.  “I will never feel proud as I once did, after I betrayed you” Blaze continued on, pausing as his arms grew heavy and tired of holding Kewashii Jigoku in the air. “Blaze... I need time to think... I was crushed when you abandoned” Kibo gripped the haori in his hands tightly.

“But we can work through things taught us that!” Kibo yelled to Blaze with his eyes full of tears.

Blaze smiled and nodded to Kibo. “Let's end this Kibo. Blaze brought his Bankai down and just began to cut into Kibo's shoulder before he stopped.... Kibo's scythe found it's way into Blaze's side, blood dripping down his leg quickly. “You're too can't hope to win” Kibo didn't mean to offend Blaze but simply state the obvious. Smiling, Blaze dropped his Bankai and fell back onto the ground. “You are right... I haven't been this tired in so long” Blaze rested with his back on the ground and close his eyes. “Kibo”  Kibo looked with a puzzled look on his face.

“You fought well”.

The cloud of debris was thin now and cleared, showing the crowd that Marume was bloodied and motionless against the arena wall, Blaze with his eyes shut and Kibo's scythe sticking into his side....Kibo on his knees with the Haori in his hands.

“Give up a round of applause for Kibo Kyuryu, your new Captain and Tournament of Warriors' Champion!” The announcer shouted into the microphone and the crowd roared and cheered. Kibo smiled and waved the haori in the air. Blaze felt Kibo's scythe leave his side, Kibo's Bankai returning to it's regular state. Blaze met eyes with Kibo, both men smiled and nodded their head in respect.

“Hey Blaze” Kibo spoke while he looked around at the crowd and bowed. “Hmm?” Blaze replied, only now recognizing just how much pain his relaxing body was in. “Even if you don't wear this anytime are still squad fourteen's captain” Kibo finished his sentence before medical personnel began to rush to his aid alongside Blaze and Marume.

“Thanks Kibo” Blaze smiled. “You can thank me by giving me some of your food at the medical facility” both men laughed while the medical team began tending to their injuries.

The rain overhead began to slow down and thicken rapidly. In a swift transition, rain turned to snow. Suddenly a bright line of light appeared in the sky and seperated. From opening in the sky a man shot out and landed on the edge of the arena's top, shattering the concrete structure around him into thousands of pieces. Blaze's eyesight focused on the man above. Yamamoto and Choshiro as well as many other Captains appeared on sight almost instantly.  “ICHIRO!” Yamamoto exclaimed, the man high above gripped onto his sword tightly, he was bleeding from his head and arms. Whatever he was fighting must have been strong as Blaze singled out this man's spiritual pressure and felt it among even all the surrounding captains.  

“Everyone brace yourself!” Ichiro yelled in haste.

Snow began to fall faster, obstructing long distant sight. Blaze suddenly noticed a mass compilation of Spirit energy to his left in the arena stands.

Yuki Takeshi, The shinigami known as 'Doctor' , Tsuneo and lastly the man dressed in robes appeared from thin air.  “Hello Soul Society” Yuki grinned, his arms folding over his chest.

“Yuki” Blaze scowled and spoke through his teeth. Rage filling inside of his body.

“We are the Seiga, all of you will bow here and now before our leader, Korren Septimus!” Yuki unfolded his right arm to point up in the sky at the open senkaimon that Ichiro emerged from. Stepping out into view was the Arrancar that Blaze had met a while ago...the one he let free.  Korren looked down on everyone, still in his Ressureccion form. Korren rested his axe against his right shoulder and narrowed his eyes at everyone.

“Which of you is the strongest” Korren swung his axe and the snow falling began to shape long and thin needles of ice, plummeting towards the people in the crowd. Ichiro, Kibo, captains did everything they could to shield anyone and everyone they could...many scrambled to run however and just couldn't escape the falling shards of ice. Blaze watched in horror as people died and fell in front of him...innocent people

Blaze watched as red blood flowed throughout the arena stands, the members of the Seiga halting anyone who came close to them aswell.

Korren watched down below as a dark red flame began to brighten and from red came white flames, from white flames came a light blue flame.  “ nice” Korren spoke to himself.

Blue flames dispersed to Show Blaze standing tall and strong in his Blue Flame form. “Everyone fight strong, I will protect you!” Blaze swung his Bankai into the air where it rippled over the arena to create a searing dome of blue flames. Ice that struck the dome from snowfall melted and couldn't pass through Blaze's flames. Korren stood overhead with his silhouette towering over the dome of flames. The only one outside the dome was none other than the man to push Korren to his higher tiers in the first place...Ichiro stood with his Shikai in hand and stared down his opponent.

“You've made a grave mistake boy” Korren's face tightened, he was smiling at Ichiro. “Need I teach you more?”.

“Please do” Blaze spoke out from behind Korren, the blue flames that Blaze had passed through was tightening to seal the gap caused by him leaving the dome. “Nice to see you again” Korren stood with his sides to both Ichiro and on the other; Blaze. “Very well, first lesson... Do not challenge someone whose power surpasses your very imagination!” Korren's body began to glow bright blue, almost taking on the form of pure energy.

“Ichiro, we must kill him...protect everyone, everything”.
Chapter 29: The war begins
Been gone for so long! Feels good to be back, things will be getting even more serious...seems like Blaze got a second wind (thank god xD)
Bet you didn't think he'd win the tournament! Time span of 2 nights (in the book timeline) It will ALL BE OVER....yup :iconbadassplz:


Bleach (c) Tite Kubo
Story (c) :iconblazekagayaku:
Ichiro (c) :iconscorch62msc:
Blaze: -A new challenger arises!- by BlazeKagayaku
Blaze: -A new challenger arises!-
This pic shows Blaze in his black flame form dealing out a heavy attack in a playstation game!
My friend Lariz made this and uploaded onto his facebook where I was surprised and glad to see this :D!

Go check out Lariz, he's a fun/awesome artist who I always go to first :)
“BEGIN!” The announcer yelled and every finalist darted towards the pillar.

Adrenaline was in severe overdrive, Blaze couldn't hear anything other than the sound of his own heartbeat; even in the crowd's silence. Feeling the raindrops batter against his face and the pillar drawing ever so close to each contestant Blaze could feel that someone was already raising the pressure and starting this fight off.

“Ladies and gentlemen it appears that Kibo Kyuryu is not wasting any time in drawing his shikai!” The announcer commentated but drew no reaction from the occupied crowd, each spectator sitting anxiously on the edge of their seat. Blaze turned his head to see Kibo with his shikai; it's long turquoise pole and spiked ends beginning to spin before Kibo made a full 180 degree turn and smashed his pole onto the arena ground. Wind combusted on contact and sent Kibo hurling into the air. Turning back around, Kibo's soft blonde hair slapped his face and through the water hitting his eyes there was a blurred image already awaiting him on top of the pillar...Zuka.

Standing on top of the pillar with one foot resting on the locked box, Zuka held his dormant zanpakuto and slashed horizontally towards Kibo. Too much momentum left Kibo defenseless. Grinding his teeth together, Blaze watched Kibo go right over the pillar and passed Zuka, arena spotlights created silhouettes of Kibo and Zuka for Blaze just in time to watch a spray blood trickle from Kibo's passing body.

“And to think you are called lightspeed it's pa-”

Before Zuka could take the time to scold Kibo's impatient rush, Zuka was violently thrown from the pillar's top. A long streak of strong wind had took form of a spear and pierced his right shoulder, carrying Zuka off of his platform and onto the arena's floor at the base of the Pillar. A mist of blood flung all over his face from the violent wind continuing to puncture his shoulder while he was pinned to the floor. “Nnngh, D-dammit!” Zuka exclaimed in anger. In Zuka's peripherals was Kibo starting to run  at him. Wind died down and it appeared as if Kibo had permitted Zuka to be released.  “You were saying?!”| Kibo yelled, holding his stomach with his left hand in clearly visible pain while his right was beginning to spin his shikai's pole in quick succession “Kaze No Jishiin!” Kibo exclaimed while wind spine just around the circumference of Kibo's pole which created a buzz-saw effect. Kibo released his grip on his spinning Shikai but once it struck the ground it continued to crawl it's way on the arena floor while cutting  through the very ground it passed...aiming right for Zuka's side.

Standing at the top of the pillar Blaze had the perfect vantage point to attack Kibo who patiently watched his attack take action on his enemy. Hesitation stopped Blaze from stopping potential threats; (I..I can't I'll fight him last) Blaze told himself. Before looking down to the box in front of him.

A powerful blow to his face, Blaze's vision darkened and before he knew it he too found himself on the arena floor with no wind coming in or out of his lungs. High above him stood Marume who twirled his cane in his right hand, all the while looking down to Blaze with a sinister grin. As Marume stopped spinning his cane he caught it mid spin, flawlessly, with his left hand. Blaze took notion to the blood from his own face lingering on the dark silver cane.

Marume whistled down to Blaze to get his attention. Both men locked eyes and Marume gestured his hand for Blaze to look above him, out in the distance. “Don't just pay attention to that lad haha” Marume chuckled. Blaze looked above him just in time to see upside-down, Kibo was charging at him.  Blaze rolled to his right just in time to avoid Kibo mid lunge who just so happened to impale his spear-like shikai in time for Blaze to get to one knee.

“Discipline!” Kibo yelled, Blaze felt a shiver down his spine...Kibo was filled with anger. Unsheathing his shikai from the ground, Kiibo began to twirl his weapon and swap it from hand to hand which caused a flurries of strikes here and there towards Blaze's arms and legs. “Loyalty!” Kibo continued yelling while Kibo gripped his Shikai with both hands and drove his Shikai's sharp edge towards Blaze.

Quick reaction and accuracy had Blaze parry Kibo's Shikai upwards and gave Blaze the opportunity to opportunity wasted. Blaze instead of potentially striking down his friend; had one question left to ask. Time seemed to slow by and the rain traveled to the ground ever so slowly. “What are you here to prove?” Blaze asked with no emotion, just curiosity. “

Kibo's Spiritual pressure spiked, wind enclosing from all around Blaze and Kibo to wrap tightly and spin around his Shikai. “To prove myself, how... HOW DO YOU NOT SEE THAT?!”

Kibo's spear struck Blaze in his chest and sent his body wheeling along the winds current to smash against the arena floor 30 feet away from the impact. Blaze lay on the ground starting to make his way to standing straight up, pain surging up hist chest and collarbone. Blaze began to remember a flashback to when he was leaving Kibo and the Soul Society. “I will walk away today, stronger...I've walked away stronger than what I had been once before”.

*Blaze's Flashback*

"Blaze, just please… whatever this is all about can you just sit down and wait for other Captains to get here" Kibo yelled so Blaze would hear, yet all the other members of Squad 14 inside couldn't hear, lighting flickered down in the background, illuminating Kibo and Blaze only meters away from each other.  "Blaze… you were the one to teach me, help me see that the world of us Soul Reapers isn't something to be worried about… you guided me" Kibo grinded his teeth together and his zanpakuto now jingled, the steel clutching in both Kibo's hands now. Blaze just stared to Kibo with his mouth wide opened and in shock… why did Kibo have to be there at this time. "You taught me how to toughen up, our fathers both not their when we needed them… yet I was there for you and.. You for me".

"Kibo, you know I'd rather die than ever lay my blade down… I can't stay here if no matter what I do im frowned upon, there is no place here for me to help so I promise I'll be elsewhere…"

"I don't want you elsewhere" Kibo stared into Blazes eyes, his wide open with fury… anger towards Blaze that he wouldn't see his understanding. "And as for dying… I'd rather be dead than let you leave this place you oh so loved to fight for… If fear of the powerful and unknown drives stupid people to lead with a shivering hand then I will be the one to pass on what you showed me. I will show everyone WITH YOU BLA-"

Kibo stopped, his body hunched forward and his zanpakuto slowly hitting the ground. Blaze removed his fist from Kibo's chest, a cracking noise faintly emitting as he withdrew his fist. Blaze began to walk past his friend and towards the Senkaimons building.

"Kibo Kyuryu… I wish it could be true, but I promise you, give it time. Goodbye my friend"

*Flashback ends, Blaze now standing before his friend and enemy*

Blaze no longer looked out towards a best friend...not in this battle, to undermine Kibo with anything else but swordsmanship would be an insult. “Kibo...” Blaze felt his tears hit his hand. Kibo stared down Blaze. With a quick clear of his throat and wiping away his tears, Blaze found himself holding a zanpakuto just burning his clenched fist with flames. “This fight is going to be oh so good!” Blaze grinned and began to hold his shikai infront of his chest horizontally, his body began to outline with red spirit energy. Rocks and loose gravel tumbled away from Blaze with each surge of his releasing power and every sway of stuttering flames.

Kibo charged Blaze with shikai in hand and his spiritual energy also vibrating the very ground he walked on.

Blaze's shikai emerged from it's sheath of fully covering flames to have only portions visible while the rest held onto the flickering flames. “Let's GO!” Blaze roared. In a very anti-climatic dissapointment tot he crowd, Kibo was struck in the side by many small lines moving so fast and so thin that both spectators and competators couldn't see just how Kibo had been hurt. Kibo dropped to his knees and his Shikai's win began to encase around his body and spin in a circular motion quickly, acting as a shield agaisnt what was striking him. Blaze watched as a flurry of tiny wooden needles...splinters, bounced off of Kibo's shield and stuck into the arena ground.

Blaze look to his far left and watched as Zuka pointed his newly released Shikai. Zuka's bandages covering his face had been torn off, Blaze presuming that Kibo's wind had taken it's toll. Zuka's foggy white eyes blinking, a wide smile on his face. “Buraindo Aki, the endless autumn!” Zuka began to speak, Blaze began to run towards Zuka and almost instantly Zuka whipped his sword into Blaze's Direction. Zuka's Shikai was a black, wooden kendo sword with a splintered wooden hilt. “the Shards of my zanpakuto will be all the guidance to victory I need” Zuka remarked, splinters of his shikai beginning to dart towards blaze in a straight tunnel-like projectile, Blaze seeing no end.

“I once left the soul society” Blaze began to speak, setting his right foot back and getting ready for Zuka's attack.  Kibo within his defensive shell tried to make out Blaze and Zuka but could only hear what blaze was saying muffled.  “I left because I saw no line I had crossed and yet...I was told to stop fighting alongside my zanpakuto. I took all the time I could muster in a year” the splinters from Zuka's Shikai were only a second away from Blaze before he began slicing his blade back and forth from hand to hand, acting as if his Zanpakuto was a never ending series of horizontal and vertical slashes that merged between the combination on angles. Each slash had Blaze's zanpakuto meet one of the splinters in mid attack and sliced the wood in half, some thin halves of the wooden splinters crumbled into a feint glow of charred ember. The sword motions from Blaze's technique were so fast even the flame on Kewashii Furea seemed to stay in place, the blade moving too fast for his own fire to catch up.

“I trained harder than I ever thought imaginable” Blaze started to walk forward through the endless stream of splinters. “I've fallen far down from being a good captain, leader and most of all a good friend!” Upon yelling Blaze's Shikai roared with a gust of Flame to push back Zuka's Shikai attack. The fire was a nothing but a simple distraction, crowd watching as Blaze Shunpo'd out of harms way. Zuka's needles still aiming at where he had been once Blaze's flames had dispersed. Zuka's right arm which held his Shikai outwards felt weak, Blaze's bone shattering grip holding Zuka by his bicep. “I'll be damned if I'm stopped by a porcupine” In a very quiet monotone Blaze spoke to Zuka who's mouth cracked open in surprise. Blaze flung Zuka over his head, not releasing his grip. “My climb to redemption-” Blaze spoke out loud in general, Zuka hanging in mid air now felt his arm dislocate with the force and speed that Blaze used to smash Zuka back into the arena floor; “-begins tonight” Blaze finished his sentence while avoiding a mouthful of debris.

The crowd whispered among themselves, murmurs heard by Blaze and Kibo who stood out in the open now.  Kibo waved his Shikai in front of himself and used his wind to wipe away the debris swiftly to show Zuka on the ground motionless. Zuka's zanpakuto was in it's dormant state. “H-how...” Zuka paused and coughed up blood, his blood being quickly washed off his face with the rain starting to pick up and drop so heavy it almost heart when it touched bare skin. “How can I... a top contender for the captain position be easily” Blaze looked down to Zuka with mostly distaste.

“You made it this far, be proud. I don't see myself giving up that haori anytime soon” Blaze opened his mouth and nothing but truth came out, no matter if he felt bad being so blunt...this fight in his mind would be his.

“Then I'm sorry to disappoint!”

Marume Saiwai, the man with nothing on his agenda but opening the locked haori box atop the pillar stood with a lock and chain in his hand...the box was still visibly closed but only needed a simple latch to be lifted up.

Blaze's eyes widened and watched as Kibo's wind formed a whip that tailored around Marume's arm and the lock, tightly gripping marume and retracting him close to Kibo, close to the battle.

“Bastard!” Marume yelled smashing his cane against Kibo's wind and breaking the grip on his arm all too late as his body still struck the arena floor and tossed his body along the ground like a ragdoll.

Blaze stared down to Zuka with a look that appeared to most of the crowd as 'frightening'. “Do you know why you were able to sneak up on Kibo and land your Shikai's hit?” Blaze said as he knelt down next to Zuka's head briefly. “I released my Shikai...your power wasn't even noticed...Zu-kaaa” Blaze whispered next to Zuka before standing back up.

Zuka who lay down on the ground attempted to spit on Blaze, “this is not over!” Zuka tried to grab his sword. “Submit” Blaze demanded and moved his zanpakuto over to Zuka's neck. Blaze's adrenaline felt as if it were in overdrive when he heard Zuka reply “Never!”. The Crowd watched in silence, even marume and Kibo took time to watch Blaze begin to form a sphere of searing flames at the hilt of his blade. “I'm serious! Forfeit or I will make sure you will!” Blaze yelled attempting to force his opponent to a submission, all the while knowing this tournament had to have a winner and the rules are very straightforward.

“Submit to thy opponent, death, or wear the haori. Those are the rules oh great Blaze” Zuka grinned, blood running through his teeth. “My lungs punctured, ribs shattered, what more could happen...I will NOT EVER STO-”

Blaze never looked away and his sphere of flames slammed against Zuka's face.

A pause of silence for only a second before Blaze could hear the scariest sound in his life...a grown man's scream. Blaze could make out the words from Zuka's yells and screams...Zuka yelled “I submit!”. Blaze quickly dispersing his flames and walking away from Zuka's body. No emotion would or could be shown...not now, Blaze kept re assuring himself while he stepped aside to allow medics and officials to have Zuka removed from the tournament.

“That sound... it was so delightful” Blaze said in his own conscious, his eyes blacking out before he found himself feeling dizzy. That statement actually being the scariest thing Blaze had ever heard himself...hearing his own conscious saying such a thing.

Kibo stood staring at Blaze his expression....scared.  

“It had to of been done” Blaze said to Kibo in reasoning. “I's not that though Blaze” Kibo began to take a few steps back. Blaze looking around his body as if something was on his body.  “What is it?” Blaze asked.

“Your eyes...they turned black a second ago” Marume was the only other one than Kuro that had seen what happened. “When you attacked Zuka, your eyes...they...went dark or something” Marume began to seperate from Blaze and Kibo, the three ensuing a triangle around where Zuka had been.  

Blaze knew exactly what had happened. (Kewashii...what's going on) Blaze saw the manifest of his Zanpakuto spirit by his side, turning his head Blaze raised his eyebrows expecting a response. “You want this. You want to win this tournament more than you're allowing yourself to acknowledge it...that man you attacked, you weren't looking to compromise but get him out of the way. Get him out of the way quickly” Kewashii began to explain.

(It was destruction I felt. I wanted to destroy him) Blaze confirmed to himself in his thoughts what was happening. Kewashii vanished just as soon as he had came. (After all the work with Lucia, Helen and Gemma) Blaze stared down to his feet in disgust and the feeling of inner defeat began to wash over him. (It could never be suppressed...such an urge)

Marume began to spin his cane in his right hand once more, this time water flinging against Blaze's cheek. “Are you ready day dreamer...we're all about to do something spectacular for the crowd hmmm?” Marume being more cheerful than he was just a second ago.  Kibo stared at Blaze, not knowing what was happening exactly. “Blaze” Kibo called out and got Blaze's attention. “Chin up, you're gunna lose to me, got it?” Kibo grinned at his cocky remark...almost teasing Blaze in a friendly manner.

This gesture was all it took for Blaze to depart with whatever ill intended actions his mind might have been conjuring up for the ending of this tournament... Kibo's cocky smirk bringing Blaze back to his reality. Blaze smirked , throwing his left arm to catch Marume's cane in mid swing. Blaze turned his head to see Marume over his shoulder and caught, predicted in attack.

“Maybe I have to kick it up a notch like you two huh” Marume narrowed his eyes and smiled.

High up in the stands Tessa sat calm as could be, Tsuyoi who sat above Tessa noticed this and felt very uneasy. “Tessa” Tsuyoi called down to her in the seat below, a gentle tap on her shoulder and she turned around with a grin on her own. “W-what...I mean, is something bothering you?”.

Tessa turned her head back to the match and her shoulders bounced from her withheld laughter.
“This guy is gunna have to step up his game something fierce” Tessa spoke out, her chin upwards so Tsuyoi could hear over those talking next to him.  “After all-” Tessa resting her elbows on her knees had leaned forward. “He's fighting Squad fourteen”.

Down on the arena floor Blaze and Marume stayed motionless and locked against one another. Marume's spiritual pressure was beginning to make it's presence known. “Shikai versus Shikai, versus Shi-”

“Shikai!” Kibo cut off Marume and whipped his Shikai into Marume's side.

Marume spiraled towards the tall pillar in the middle of the arena. Upon impact with the pole Marume's body indented into the pillar sending cracks climbing up and along the entire structure. Marume's eye twitched in pain, blood starting to form on a cut at the top of Marume's forehead. “D-damn” Marume spat to the floor and climbed out of the indent in the pillar, leaning forward and looking to the ground. Just as air was beginning to feel normal in his lungs after such an impact like that...two feet blurred into Marume's line of sight with the ground.

“Daini no Taiyo, Second Sun!” in a commanding tone Blaze slashed from Marume's right shoulder down to his left side of his hip. The searing red flames from Kewashii Furea's flames left some sort of after image of Kewashii Furea back at the point where Blaze had started his slash. With his free left hand Blaze reached for this after image of his Shikai; made of purely flames. In quick succession Blaze followed suit to the first slash, this time with the sword crafted of solid flames. Once the blade of flames slide across Marume's stomach Blaze clenched tightly onto the flames, causing the flames to waver and create an explosion. The explosion sent Marume covered in flames right through the Arena Pillar and his body sent smacking against the arena floor.

The arena floor began to shake as the large pillar crumbled to the ground. A crowd of debris started to flourish from the base of the pillar and consume the entire arena.

Kibo standing far enough back had time to spin his Shikai from one hand to another and blow a gust of wind along the arena wall. It took a few seconds but the cloud of grey began to spiral upwards and into the raining night. Blaze stood with his shikai in his hand and looked to his zanpakuto grinning.  (Our practice through all of our free time. Right here, tonight...I'll show what new things we've been learning) Blaze thought to himself with a sense of accomplishment and approval.

The arena floor continued to vibrate, even though the pillar was gone. Blaze looked over to Marume's direction;

“Draw your sword, draw your shield...Rakki Fuko!”
Chapter 28: Becoming Black
Damn it's been a while! Hope you guys enjoy the chapter as the tournament *cough* (someone's on their way) *cough* continues to occupy our Soul reaper'ing reapers! Thanks for reading guys, I hope to keep progress up as I want to be able to finish the fanfiction and have something extraordinary to show you all :3

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"Asumu Godai"
Asumu Godai - Profile Sheet

Name: Asumu Godai
Race: Quincy
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Red
Age: Mid Twenties
Rank: None currently (Formerly Sternritter "L - The Lunar")
Martial Status: Single
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: Asumu is a fairly tall, youthful appearing man with long, silver-white hair and bleak red eyes. He has a fair build, not being too muscular but not particularly scrawny either. His current attire is the old Reishi armor that he hand-crafted. It is deep blue with golden trims along with a dark blue and black cape, a means to protect himself from the Hollowed wastelands of Hueco Mundo. It is scarred and worn, but it still functions perfectly; he has even gone as far as to say that he's wore the armor so long it's become a part of his body. He originally wore the standard uniform of most all Sternritter.

Owner: :iconmrb1ank:

Asumu Godai is exactly what you're seeing: A kickass Sternritter with a kickass story! Above is my favorite picture of Asumu and with it is his profile sheet.

Red Sun Rising by artlistair
Owner: :iconartlistair:

This picture of Rei's oc Benriya Akashino will leave your brain melting in awe...Rei has amazing art but this is totally my fave!

The Third Seat of the Second Division by Zero-Factor
Owner: :iconzero-factor:

Que third seated "Vincent Jirou Canicus" of the Second division. Vincent totally looks like he would be the stealthy and lethal prize jewel that Soi fon would be looking for; this picture is my favorite!

Andrew by Zanpakuto-leader by Merc-Wit-da-Mouth
Owner: :iconmerc-wit-da-mouth:

Andrew Vargais, what is not to love about this guy?! Andrew Vargais is an Oc i'm quite familiar with, I've known Andrew since the earlier days of me being on Deviantart. "Shinigami in blue" Is the nickname I'm giving him right here, right now XD Andrew's pictures and fanfiction are incredible resulting to this successful oc. Captain Vargais we're standing attention!

Mathew Cimitara Suraisa: Riamazariel Style. Focus by ChikaraRyoku
Owner: :iconchikararyoku:

Mathew cimitara Suraisa looks in this picture just how I think Captains with the right mindset for battle should look like; Cool/ calm and collected yet something huge is about to erupt from this powerful shinigami. There are many pictures of this oc and this picture is something I awe and envy over!

G - Zabuzas Bankai by Lanokir
Owner: :iconlanokir:

Zabuza? More like Za-badass! Lanokir has many awesome pictures and yet this above all else keeps me staring at my computer screen and finding a new favor for the color green! How would you fight death and decay? Challenge this Bankai and pray that god's on your side.

Magni Kenpachison: Full Hollow by VikingDan300
Owner: :iconvikingdan300:

Magni Kenpachison pretty much destroyed my pc with that power-blast in this can you think of anything more deadly and destructive as this fully hollowed magni as pictured above...Blaze's destruction form is like a freshman to a senior up to this fella 

Happy New Years by Envy4hearts
Owner: :iconenvy4hearts:

The above picture is envy's latest picture and yet it's my favorite! the art is amazing in itself and Envia's personality is one of my favorite, check out her profile picture but I highly recommend reading fellow oc creator Amadalia's "Battle high series" as you will learn to laugh and love the personality that is Envy...these characters with a laidback and 'unique' personality always get the laughs but when it's time for battle there is no doubt in their skill or power.

More than I once was by snakes-on-a-plane
Owner: :iconsnakes-on-a-plane:

Jo Morelli! I love flames (as you all know) and Jo is an example of a flame user/top tier badass :iconbadassplz: In the above picture you see the many stages Jo has gone under, the picture is amazing! Something I've always wanted to have commissioned btu was unclear of doing until I seen how epic Snakes made this pic. Get your flames in top gear, Blaze vs Jo gunna' happen!

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Quitting bleach, giving away Blaze

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So legit, much fooling

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  • Reading: week...see what i did there?
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  • Playing: the game
  • Eating: tim hortons panini :D
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The Most AMAZING Bleach OC's ive come to notice

Amadalia Moonsong
Shinigami Amadalia OC -Epic- by Amadalia Amadalia
Amadalia is one of my close friends here on deviantart and her Oc is in my perspective one of the more known Oc's out there and has an incredible history and over all background which compliments her fanfiction in the making! This oc is one which i look up to very much.
Drazon Fukkashi
Drazon Fukkashi by NerdicWriter NerdicWriter
Drazon Fukkashi, The Captain of Hidden Squad. This character was my original inspiration to actually coming to deviant art, the creator helped me with beginning my own fanfic and helped by introducing me to the Bleach oc world... I owe where I am today all to him and this awesome Character, his history is written throughout fanfiction like my character as well.
Giuly Kasashi
Giuly kasashi BANKAI by nanokatanananokatana
This character belongs to a good friend of mine and is featured throughout my second book in my fanfictions trilogy. Giuly Kasashi is introduced late in the story yet he will become one of the biggest antagonists within the story and prove he is a lethal force just waiting to be unleashed.

Epic f***ing artist!

:iconlarizsantos:LarizSantos Has never stopped being the man to make Blaze heard!



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