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[C] [ Seisui Naito ] by DatInconStampRequest_Blaze2 by Miyuki-TsukiyonoStampRequest_Blaze1 by Miyuki-Tsukiyono [C] [ Ichiro ] by Inconcabille


Blaze Kagayaku

Blaze Kagayaku -Bankai- by BlazeKagayaku
Kuro Doku
Kuro Doku -Bankai- by BlazeKagayaku
Oc's above (c) :iconblazekagayaku:
Squad 14... click above to see the powerful Bankai of this bleach squad :)
Above art (c) :iconlarizsantos:

Commission stats!

:iconlarizsantos::iconzanpakuto-leader::iconthechabot::iconrtenzo::icontalespirit::iconpaleblood::iconarrancarfighter::iconpoch0010::iconcerae28::iconflyingdragon04::iconthedarkmia::iconkuromiyastudio::icondennouparanoia::iconchoirira: :iconev1ct: :iconnamh::iconriamazariel::iconpastel--ink::iconrinriko::iconnocturnalpermafrost::iconpinkrose3101::iconlivingplaywrite::iconmasuyoaraki::iconann-ma::iconruccian::iconucaliptic::icondindakai::iconblazewb:

Above is artists that I have commissioned in the past.Any other pieces of artwork to date have been generous gifts or fanart that i absolutely adore each and everyone, without people like these, Blaze would be a name without a face! thanks :)


Wed Aug 6, 2014, 12:47 PM
Pfffft me silly! NEVERRRR
Sun Feb 16, 2014, 8:46 PM
hahahaah silly Blaze
Thu Feb 13, 2014, 10:55 PM
-clings and hugs shoutbox- It's so....cold now
Thu Feb 13, 2014, 9:11 AM
Oh how I missed this place TnT *rubs the shoutbox*
Sun Feb 9, 2014, 7:47 PM
Hey I seen your recent poll and I just wanted to suggest that maybe "Death Before Dishonor" or by a "Person vs Self". Tis all hahaha. Take it easy mien friend.
Thu Dec 12, 2013, 5:59 AM
Blaze: *walks up and slowly waves his hands back and forth* No nono , Those kind of guns uh,.... aren't allowed!
Sun Dec 8, 2013, 4:06 PM
-Evenlea falls from the sky, landing infront of Blaze and Ama" Ello Gov" pulls out a new steampower pillow gun
Fri Nov 29, 2013, 8:20 PM
This is where...the pillow gun was invented! *taps chin* I wonder who could have invented such a nicely constructed weapon...
Wed Nov 27, 2013, 8:14 PM
oh yeah!
Tue Nov 26, 2013, 6:12 PM
I remember when we all chatted i this and they BLEW UP *lights explosives*
Tue Nov 26, 2013, 6:10 PM
yay and the chat thing is back! go AMA!!!!!!
Tue Nov 26, 2013, 6:04 PM
Get 'em! Get 'em!! XD
Wed Jun 26, 2013, 5:06 AM
O___O sh-shinnnny :D
Tue Jun 18, 2013, 4:39 PM
You're gonna hurt someone. Lol And a gun? Really!? You need somethin like this! -pulls out a launcher-
Fri Apr 26, 2013, 3:03 AM


Kuro Doku: -Speak to me- by BlazeKagayaku
Kuro Doku: -Speak to me-
This incredible piece of art was commissioned by myself from the artist :iconmagicalpurpleberries: so go check out the other awesome art made by them here : magicpurpleberries.deviantart.…

Kuro Doku in his innerworld, man If I saw a giant friggn king cobra swimming around in that lagoon i'd be looking for the nearest speedboat :D


Bleach (c) Tite Kubo
Art (c) :iconmagicalpurpleberries:
Kuro Doku (c) :iconblazekagayaku:
-Fury of the Titans- by BlazeKagayaku
-Fury of the Titans-
Here it is everyone! the amazing collab commission from (you should already know by now!) Lariz Santos :iconlarizsantos:

A battle between Bankai with darkened or corrupt intentions!

Blaze Kagayaku draws out his Dark Flame form, "Destruction" as his opponent (friend lol) Amadalia Moonsong has awoken Bankai during her hollow state!

Previous Amadalia/Blaze Collaborations by Lariz:

-Solar Eclipse- Fury of the Bankai by BlazeKagayaku Fury of the Shikai -Bleach Oc- by BlazeKagayaku Their fight has sure escalated in the past years! 3 years eh?

Artwork (c) :iconlarizsantos:
Amadalia Moonsong (c) :iconamadalia:
Blaze Kagayaku (c) :iconblazekagayaku:
True Sin: Taoreta Hikari-Sketch by BlazeKagayaku
True Sin: Taoreta Hikari-Sketch
Sketches were done by none other than my friend :larizsantos: :iconbravoplz: Ish so cool :la:

The character you guys are seeing is not from my Bleach Fanfiction but is actually from my original story that I've been working on called "True Sin". Hopefully I can have chapters posted but not sure If I will make another account :shrug: But anyways enjoy this sketch for now and expect another character soon!

Other True Sin pics: True Sin: -Taoreta Hikari by BlazeKagayaku<< Created by :iconpinkrose3101:

Sketch and design (c) :iconlarizsantos:
Taoreta Hikari (c) :iconblazekagayaku:
True Sin (c) :iconblazekagayaku:
Korren Septimus: -Jaula De Perdon- by BlazeKagayaku
Korren Septimus: -Jaula De Perdon-
"You forced me to resort to neither Hell 'nor Heaven... I am the reaper who walks along the narrow pathway to death... Blaze Kagayaku would you be so kind as to let me guide you on your way" -Korren Septimus to Blaze Kagayaku

When Korren Sepimus' Segunda Etappa's purgatory seal is broken last in sequence... Purgatorio Helada is released. This picture showcases Korren's Purgatory state and it's final attack: "Jaula De Perdon"  or better referred to as the "Cage of Forgiveness". Korren reaches to touch the ground with his hand while waves of energy pulse out and along the ground so Korren's ice is summoned and begins to construct the creation known as Jaula De Perdon. Ice begins to form Pillars of condensed/frozen energy which upon proper construction will invoke the Jaula De Perdon's true power: The Jaula's Pillars send beams of destructive energy towards it's captive prey so all beams connect and continue to send the individual(s) on the receiving end of this attack into oblivion. 

This picture was created by my awesome friend :iconlarizsantos: so go check his page out and all the creations that he's made for me in the past, go support this image's original post from him by clicking this link:…

Other pictures of Korren:

Korren Septimus: -Purgatorio Helada- by BlazeKagayaku Flames of legends: Book cover by BlazeKagayaku The Wind Dies Down -Page 4 by BlazeKagayaku

Korren Infierno Helada form: -Rejon de Muerte- pictures:

Korren Septimus: - Rejon de Muerte- by BlazeKagayaku


Bleach (c) Tite Kubo
Art (c) :iconlarizsantos:
Blaze Kagayaku/ Korren Septimus (c) :iconblazekagayaku:
Pressing off the rugged ground Blaze sighed softly to himself, not showing any sign of fatigue or underestimation in how this fight was going. Blaze met eyes with Daichi across the arena, Daichi fully turned to Blaze now had bent his knees and began making his way towards Blaze.

Blaze's arm hadn't even twitch before his vision was blocked by this towering man of rock was casting a shadow over him. “Wha-”  Blaze's eyes widened with shock before his words were cut short by a loss of air. Blaze's body was sent tumbling backwards and bouncing off the arena ground before coming to a wall cracking halt. Blaze's body struck the arena wall and sent little cracks and crevices spidering up the brittled wall. Blaze fell to one knee and placed his hand on his knee, his other hand dug Kewashii Furea into the ground for support... Suddenly Blaze felt no strength in his knee or arms and slipped downwards to the ground.

(Why can't I move?!) Blaze tried moving his body but it tingled and twitched for a brief second and Blaze soon found his strength regained. In the distance Blaze watched Daichi with his right arm extended outwards and the blue sapphire gems that concealed his right fist had a feint static wave of blue energy course over  the entire fist. Not just Daichi's fist but the green emeralds along his knees had a similar energy flicker over them.

“Tsch, so I see the player has a trump card” Blaze grinned and flexed his biceps and calves, feeling no more shocks pulsing through his muscles. Blaze started to run around Daichi's right side to close the distance between both he and his opponent in a spiral fashion, Blaze watched carefully at Daichi's body movement and his manner of fighting. As Blaze circled Daichi there was a few things he noted, Daichi was turning on the spot ever so slowly  and instead of attacking Blaze with such aggression as a few seconds ago Daichi just watched and waited for Blaze to make the first move. (It can't be that he doesn't know what I'm capable of...he knows how to fight) Blaze thought to himself, quickly Blaze blurred away from sight to flash in front of Daichi.

Blaze raised his Shikai high above his head and began to bring his blade down onto Daichi's right shoulder when Daichi in the blink of an eye turned 180 degrees so that Blaze was about to attack Daichi's back. When this motion occurred Blaze used his Shunpo to flash away from his attack. Blaze just stopped from attacking Daichi when he remembered his blade had struck Daichi's back the first time. A few seconds passed before Daichi very slowly turned to look in the direction to where Blaze stood...Blaze stood very calmly and rested his shikai on his right shoulder, only holding it's hilt with his right hand....Smiling.

Daichi returned a grin once looking at Blaze, “I thought you said this was a serious fight” Daichi grinned, smashing his fists together and taunting his fiery opponent.

Blaze ran his left hand up his hair, fixing the flaws in his scruffed look. “Your suit of rock is a fortress, that's for sure Daichi” Blaze brought his Shikai off of his right shoulder and the blade ignited with a coating of red hot flames.  Blaze started slashing towards Daichi; “Kisai Koto!” Over and over again arcs of condensed fire struck Daichi's suit of rock and Daichi batted away the flames from his face. Daichi after a few more seconds of slowly walking towards Blaze and all the time trying to avoid flames from seeping towards his face had erupted in a fast dash towards Blaze as he had once before. Daichi through his fist out towards Blaze and missed his target and struck nothing. Daichi felt time was so slow as he no longer had a burst of speed but felt something heavy strike his back. (Now you've done it!) Daichi thought with such confidence, Daichi's back rippled with red electricity and exploded in a a powerful current of electricity outwards. As fast as he could stand up, Daichi turned around to see Blaze standing before him...unharmed and unscathed. Blaze tossed up and down in his left hand a chunk of concrete and steel bar that was broken off the wall which Daichi sent Blaze hurling into earlier in this fight. Debris of the same concrete dropped to the ground.

“I threw some of this stuff at your back, thought you might catch it” Blaze smirked, throwing the chunk at Daichi's body and crumbling it into pieces before taking up his flaming shikai and rolling in towards Daichi, avoiding a series of stumbling punches that was thrown his way. “I've figured out your puzzled Daichi Karak!” Blaze told Daichi in pure confidence, Blaze started slamming his fire coated blade against Daichi's back  with a flurry of strike after strike. Daichi covered his face with his fists and took the lashes of fire against his back, appearing as if nothing was wrong and no damage was done to him. Blaze watched the large tower known as Daichi make some muffled noises before taking his hands away from his face;

“ENOUGH!” Daichi yelled and smashed his fists into the ground, once the blue sapphires along his fists touched the arena floor there was a blue wave of electricity that snapped along the area of ground that both Daichi and Blaze were in before the ground exploded into shards of rock and a cloud of debris.

Blaze flipped off the ground, dodging flying rocks and pushing his hands off of incoming rocks. Blaze used his Shikai and pointed his blade to where Daichi was, flames surged outwards from Blaze's Shikai and pushed through the incoming cloud of debris to create a tunnel of clarity between both he and Daichi in this smoke cloud. Spectators watched with anticipation at the edges of their seats, no knowing what was going on in this veil of dust. People whispered in the crown just watching a red glow of fire trailing from one side of the arena to the other accompanied by a flash of green from the other side of the arena. Smoke soon cleared and the arena gasped watching Blaze Kagayaku being pinned to the ground by Daichi, straddling over Blaze's hips and both of his fists each pinning an arm of Blaze... Blaze's shikai only a meter away from his grasp.

Daichi stayed put and didn't even make an effort to strike Blaze, some speculated that it would only take one more punch from the large titan to cripple and end this fight...Blaze however stared calm and collective to Daichi who hovered on the ground over him.

“If you move your hands, your fists would be too slow for me... I would have Kewashii Furea and you know it” in a quiet voice Blaze informed Daichi that he had already figured out how Daichi's Shikai works. “When you first struck me, you didn't finish me off” Blaze continued, Daichi simply staring back at Blaze and listening. “Each component of yours has a cooldown so to speak, you can't use your leg speed, your fists or your back defense thing more than once quickly...If I'm correct, the first thing that you'll have ready to use is your back” Blaze continued to explain, Daichi continued to stare at Blaze without any appreciation that Blaze had solved his puzzle. Blaze began to push Daichi's fists up and lift the heavy mass of rock off of his body with the pure strength in his arms. Blaze began to shake when he pushed Daichi up and off of his body, all the while Daichi struggled to keep Blaze on the aground and away from the ground. The red rubies along Daichi's back lit up with a feint glow that Blaze noticed a small red hue along Daichi's body that let Blaze know he was exactly right.

“In about fifteen seconds your fists will be rea-” Blaze coughed, his chest smacked with incredibly force. The Room went silent as Blaze attempted to sit up but was quickly forced back down and his body impaling an outwards crater with the force that struck him. Daichi was watched over by the crowds and his right fist struck Blaze's chest with incredible speed before anyone could watch a transition occur. Blue electricity scattered along Blaze's body but all Blaze could do was lay on his back, pinned to the ground and twitch slightly with electricity coursing his body. Blaze's mouth was wide open, attempting to accumulate air back into his lungs with what strength he had left.  Blaze watched as Daichi cocked back his left fist that still showed a hue of blue energy. Blaze took notice that there was no longer any sign of red light from Daichi's back.

Daichi stared down at Blaze, a mercy filled stare across Daichi's face. “I know this fight is serious, but Blaze... I want you to give up” Daichi paused for a second, his green emeralds along his knees began to regain a light source.  Blaze started to cough, his arms weak but his lungs full of air now. “I...I thought I had ...your prized jewel figured out” Blaze coughed periodically trying to finish his sentence. Daichi shrugged his shoulders, rock plating sliding along each other .  “You were close Blaze, Chinchi Hoseki does operate on a cooldown and recharge ability. You were wrong in predicting which of my techniques comes first however” Daichi began to explain to Blaze when his back began to show a light flicker along his ruby spine informing Blaze that his defensive technique was charged.

“Chichi Hoseki can switch energy from one technique to the next, sacrificing the energy of my back to channel it to my fists allowed me to hit you a moment ago” Daichi finished his explanation and sighed heavily. “Call out to the ref and signal that you surrender, the next hit will be the end”.

Daichi paused for a moment  to let his words sink into Blaze, Blaze shook his head letting Daichi know that his offer was in no way an option. Daichi nodded his head and confirmed Blaze's choice, all the time thinking how stubborn Blaze was. “Fine” Daichi drove his fist into Blaze's chest and just as the last time, the ground erupted with force and caused the crater in which these two rested upon to become bigger and deeper into the arena floor. Blaze coughed blood out and against Daichi's face...Daichi stood off of Blaze and looked down to Blaze who started to twitch and fade from consciousness. In Daichi's peripheral vision he took notice to something teetering on the edge of the crater.

Daichi watched as this object fell down the crater and slid towards Blaze, once Daichi realized what slid towards Blaze from the edge of this large crater it was too late. Kewashii Furea slid down onto Blaze's hand and with a feint cry of pain and exhaustion;


Daichi used his knee's technique to dash away from Blaze and quickly turn to watch what could only be described as a tornado of flames.

A wavering shadow that outlined a man came to view, wavering with the tower of flames that fired upwards. Blaze stood to his feet and began walking closer to Daichi's direction. Blaze emerged from the raging flames that died down seconds after his step fully left the veil of fire. Daichi watched down from the edge of the crater, Blaze walking up the side of said crater and dragging behind him a large sword which some speculated as a feat of physical insanity... “Kewashii Jigoku” Blaze spoke, his eyes staring towards Daichi through dry smudges of blood that splattered across his face when beaten earlier. Daichi felt shivers crawl up his spine and all throughout his skin when his eyes keened on Kewashii Jigoku, the Bankai he had heard of many times yet never witnessed...let alone had to deal with in combat. Blaze walked closer but with no signs of aggression just yet. Blaze held his side with his left arm while his right arm pulled his sword along the ground that he walked....heavy panting and a  slight stagger in his walk had the crowd assuming Blaze was beaten beyond repair and that this fight may be drawing a climatic yet swift end.

Daichi crouched, readying to be the aggressor and fly back down into the crater after Blaze. (Persistent... You said give it my all Blaze, let's hope that dent in the ground isn't your grave) Daichi took his friend's words as serious as they were meant to be. Daichi in a blurring speed used his emerald's technique and flashed right before Blaze was able to set down his right foot for his next step forward. A fist covered Blaze's line of sight before retracting his body down to a crouching position, Daichi's right fist swung directly over Blaze's body. “Wha- How?!” Daichi was astonished, sure that in Blaze's condition that there was no possible explination for such agile reactions. What the crowd witnessed next had a wavering echo of gasps fill the stadium.

Blaze had his right hand on his Bankai's handle and the blade was resting on his shoulders. Still crouched, Blaze grinded his teeth together and pushed up off the ground. Blaze's flat side of Kewashii Jigoku smashed upwards and into Daichi's core, the force of this thrust cracked the ground but Blaze's quick and powerful push had managed to do it's job. Daichi was lifted airborne and looked down with wide eyes and an astonished stare across his face, Looking down Daichi saw Blaze stand straight and look up to Daichi... Flames ignited along the large crimson Blade. “You have to be close!” Daichi exclaimed. Reaching with his fists to touch his ruby encased spine, Daichi struck one and utilized his typical defensive technique to explode in a blast of red energy and propel his body back down and strike Blaze.

No one could spectate what happened next, the last image the crowd laid eyes upon was Daichi propelling down at Blaze and at the same time Blaze's flaming blade was swinging upwards. Flames encased the duo with ripples of red electricity weaving in and out the whispers of flames that faded away. Smoke and flames quickly dispersed in seconds with the wave of  Blaze's Bankai, showing that he stood straight and upright. Blaze looked down and saw Daichi in his original zanpakuto wielding state laying on the destroyed arena floor. Daichi looked up to Blaze and it was clear he was fading out of consciousness.  “You showed everyone Daichi Karak” Blaze smiled at his fallen opponent while his own Bankai sheathed itself in flames which dispersed to show his original zanpakuto. Blaze looked around to the crowd, cheering and chanting...not just Blaze's name but Daichi's name as well. With a smile on his face Blaze waved knowing that he would continue in the tournament and pursue his place as Captain once more.

An announcer and medical personnel began to run out to the arena floor, careful not to go near parts of the arena that still had flames and coals glowing with small traces of heat. Blaze dropped to his knees and gripped his ribcage in excruciating pain. “Get him to Squad 4, get both of them!” One Soul Reaper in white cloth and a mask shouted to the others dressed just like him. Blaze winced under pain, “I guess the adrenaline's gone...damn!” Blaze yelled with a smirk, just as he too was passing out of consciousness Blaze took a look to the loud and roaring crowd and scanned over the faces. Blaze noticed one memorable face in the crowd before falling out of consciousness “”
Chapter 26: Persistent Pyro
Thanks for reading guys :iconkermityayplz: Hope you enjoy where this story is going because the next couple chapters get intense! So stay a while and sleep intents! <<< see the pun?! Intense: In

Anyways in this chapter Blaze and Daichi finish up their fight, was who he saw a mirage or will Seireitei be on a manhunt...for now rest up Blaze mah boy!

Bleach (c) Tite Kubo
Atlas (c) :iconchikararyoku:
Ichiro (c) :iconscorch62msc:
Story (c) :iconblazekagayaku:

Guess who's back....Back again!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 15, 2014, 5:08 PM
Hey guys and gals it's your fantastic fire friendly friend Blaze :iconhelloplz:

So yeah I'm starting to write again, have commissions on the way and a ton of messages/ notes to reply to! I left when I started working a LOT and now i'm back in college and found a little wiggle room to sneak back onto this beautiful site :la: So don't be afraid to slap me a highfive and ask how I've been, be great to talk to everyone.

A side note, my pal :iconzanpakuto-leader: is doing some kickass sketch commissions for a cheap 20$ so if you'd like to see your OC be flourished into a visual concept, go hit him up:…

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Stamps above were made by :iconmiyuki-tsukiyono:
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The Most AMAZING Bleach OC's ive come to notice

Amadalia Moonsong
Shinigami Amadalia OC -Epic- by Amadalia Amadalia
Amadalia is one of my close friends here on deviantart and her Oc is in my perspective one of the more known Oc's out there and has an incredible history and over all background which compliments her fanfiction in the making! This oc is one which i look up to very much.
Drazon Fukkashi
Drazon Fukkashi by NerdicWriter NerdicWriter
Drazon Fukkashi, The Captain of Hidden Squad. This character was my original inspiration to actually coming to deviant art, the creator helped me with beginning my own fanfic and helped by introducing me to the Bleach oc world... I owe where I am today all to him and this awesome Character, his history is written throughout fanfiction like my character as well.
Giuly Kasashi
Giuly kasashi BANKAI by nanokatanananokatana
This character belongs to a good friend of mine and is featured throughout my second book in my fanfictions trilogy. Giuly Kasashi is introduced late in the story yet he will become one of the biggest antagonists within the story and prove he is a lethal force just waiting to be unleashed.

Epic f***ing artist!

:iconlarizsantos:LarizSantos Has never stopped being the man to make Blaze heard!



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